Natural Sweeteners – Alternatives to Sugar Part One

No matter how healthy you are or how well you eat you can still have an occasional craving for something a little bit sweet. Sugar is not the best choice when we want to indulge. If you have any doubt about the negative health aspects of sugar check out “Sugar Blues,” written by William Duffy. Artificial sweeteners come with their own problems, not the least of which is being potential carcinogens. How about trying a sweetener which is more …


What’s in My Vegan Kitchen?

What’s different about a vegan kitchen? By pure definition there are no animal products to be found. This means no meat, no dairy and no eggs. What’s different about my vegan kitchen than maybe some other vegan kitchens? It’s not just about what you don’t eat; it’s also about what you do eat! We are looking at a healthy vegan kitchen. Any lifestyle has the capability of being unhealthy if not implemented correctly.

A healthy vegan stocks her kitchen with fruits, …