Losing Weight on a Plant-Based Diet

Every day you wake up it’s the same old thing. Your thoughts are,” Today will be different. I will start my diet and lose weight.”

Then what happens? You either starve yourself all day and eat from dinner time to bedtime or you blow it within an hour of getting up. You are in constant turmoil about what you eat and how much you weigh. There is a solution which is sustainable and enjoyable. No counting calories, no counting fat, no …


Raw Food or Cooked Food?

The current trend in the natural foods world is the raw diet. It’s hard to argue with raw vegetables. What could be better for you? Jack LaLanne, world famous fitness guru was the biggest advocate of a large crunchy salad every day. He also stood behind the juicers he sold. It’s hard to dispute a man who passed away at 96 and was still teaching us how to exercise and eat well.

But what does the evidence show? Should we embrace …