Gluten-Free Foods That Make Life Easier

Would you be surprised to find out there are currently no regulations covering gluten-free labeling? The FDA passed the Food Allergen and Consumer Protection Act of 2004 (FALCPA), to help consumers identify the presence of any of the top eight allergens in their food. Manufacturers must comply with the act and list any of these allergens on their food labels. Gluten is not considered one of the top eight allergens. The act was passed with the promise to supply gluten-free …


Greens in a Skillet

Dark leafy greens are one of the best sources of calcium. When you choose to eat greens for calcium instead of drinking a glass of milk you are avoiding all the extra fat and excessive protein that is present in milk. You are also gaining all the fiber and other nutrients present in greens. The bioavailability of the calcium in greens is actually higher than in dairy.

One cup of milk has 300 mg. of calcium. One cup of cooked …