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Books Gardening in Your Greenhouse - 1 book

Books Gardening in Your Greenhouse - 1 book

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Gardening in Your Greenhouse

How to raise plants in the home greenhouse, with information on selecting equipment, preparing the soil, watering, regulating heat and light, starting seeds, fighting pests, transplanting, and hardening off — all presented in a lively, down-to-earth manner. Helpful hints on growing vegetables and herbs, flowering and nonflowering houseplants, and flowers that can be harvested in quantity.

Mark Freeman, author of Building You Own Greenhouse, lives in East Greenwich, New York, in a solar home he designed and built. He gardens in an attached greenhouse, which he also designed and built.

Practical information on everything you need to know to raise plants successfully in your home greenhouse. Tips on gardening year-round. Useful for all types of greenhouses.

  • Softbound. 199 pgs.