Fresh from the Farm Redworm Composting System - 1 kit

Fresh from the Farm Redworm Composting System - 1 kit

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Redworm Composting System (includes

Fresh From the Farm introduces its Vermicomposting System (Redworm composting system). The most complete and affordable system. Feed the redworms you "garbage." Get "Gardener's Gold" in return!

Reduce your grocery bill! Your gardens will be lush/ increase production, use less water. Redworms can consume ½ their body weight in organic matter a day, converting it to castings which are higher in plant available nutrients than traditional composts or manures. Plant directly in castings, mix with soils, or make tea for watering . Castings increase water retention, plant growth and production.

Reduce your trash hauling bill. The directions for care and maintenance of the bin are very simple. Feed your redworms your kitchen scraps, plant trimmings, shredded mail, used coffee grounds plus filter, almost any compostable matter. The worms do the work for you. No Smell! This can be an indoor (the bin will fit in most kitchen sink cupboards) or outdoor project.

Redworms can reduce feed costs for your flock of chickens/ pets/fishing bait. Redworms are composting worms that live in organic matter, eating and reproducing. Each mature redworm can lay 1 cocoon per week. In three weeks 1-5 baby redworms emerge, maturing in 60-90 days. The population increases exponentially as they match the feed available to them (making redworms a viable feed option for chickens- being 80% protein).

Anyone can do this! Vermicomposting can be done by anyone. This is a great homeschool project, gift for a gardener, fishing enthusiast, or the family just trying to help out the family budget. This is a wonderful limited-space project as well. Although redworms do not bite or transmit diseases, you do not even have to touch the worms if you do not want to (the included directions tell how). You can even go on vacation! Just stock your redworms up on “food” and leave.

Fresh from the Farm to you! On our family farm, redworms are raised on barley and barn matter with no chemicals. In our wormbed, we plant short season dwarf corn which grows to over 7’ tall! The secret: Worm castings! We also feed our farm fowl the redworms we raise, avoiding the raising cost of commercial feed. You can too! We want to share this simple, affordable project with you.

Our Partners and commitment to Use /Reuse/ Recycle: Being good stewards of our resources just makes sense. Your Fresh From the Farm family has extended this idea to the Vermicomposting System. The redworms you purchase from us are raised on spent grains (barley) from a local micro-brewery. The discs in the kit are reused from the same micro-brewery. Your redworms arrive in reused food containers from Columbia Gorge food establishments we have developed a working relationship with. The shredded starter bedding comes from our friends and local businesses, as does the bottom barrier. Our thanks to these businesses and friends for their commitment to the Use / Reuse / Recycle process.

THE SYSTEM CONTAINS: 1000 Redworms (~1 lb.), 1 Wormcomposting Bin (15”X 10”X 12”), Starter Bedding (Peat Moss & Shredded Bedding), Drip Tray and Discs, Instructions.

  • Contact Us: We provide e-mail Q/A support and redworm reorders (use reorder code AS-08) via or Fresh From the Farm, P.O. Box 815, Stevenson, WA. 98648.
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