Books Sea Vegetable Celebration - 1 book

Books Sea Vegetable Celebration - 1 book

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By Shep Erhart & Leslie Cerier

163 pages

Welcome to the world of sea vegetables: alaria, hijiki, arame, kombu, wakame, dulse, nori, kelp, agar, laver, and sea palm. Gourmet and natural food enthusiasts will delight in over 100 meatless recipes that include everything from salads, soups, spreads, dips, and snacks to stir-fries, casseroles, pizza, and stews.

Ounce for ounce sea vegetables are higher in vitamins and minerals than any other food group. You'll learn about the healing benefits of each of these sea veggies along with how they're also beneficial for pets and plants and can be used as beauty aids. This is the perfect cookbook to learn how to enjoy these gifts from the ocean.

A cookbook and reference resource for most North American and Asian sea vegetables. In it you will find historical, botanical, medicinal and nutritional information, combined with culinary guidelines and accessible recipes (each with a Nutrition Facts breakdown). You will learn how to easily introduce seaweed into your every day cooking — breakfast, lunch and dinner, even snacks. There are numerous suggestions how to include the health benefits of sea veggies in your own diet and that of your family — even how to nourish your skin and hair, your houseplants and garden, your pets and farm animals. A number of full color photographs, line drawings, diagrams and full nutritional charts help complement the 105 carefully laid out vegetarian recipes, mostly vegan.

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