Pain & Stress Center Stop A.D.D. Naturally - 1 book

Pain & Stress Center Stop A.D.D. Naturally - 1 book

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Stop A.D.D. Naturally

Billie J. Sahley PhD, CNC

Revised expanded edition.

93 pages, softbound.

Breakthrough information about amino acid and vitamin therapy that can change your child's life!

All parents who have a hyperactive or ADD child must read this book.

There is NO such thing as a ritaliin deficiency! Children with ADD and ADHD have a deficiency of vital neurotransmitters needed by the brain for smooth functioning. Amino acids create neurotransmitters, the chemical language of the brain.

By using the orthomolecular approach described in this book, many ADD/ADHD children have been successfully helped. This approach draws on the many years of research done by Dr. Sahley in orthomolecular therapy. Her reserach led to a successful program which corrects certain developmental disorders causing biochemical imbalances in the brain.

This program combines the amino acids that feed the brain, with dietary reforms and the use of vitamins and herbs, to provide the optimum molecular environment for the mind.

This book provides answers for those parents who want drug-free therapy for their children with positive, long-lasting results.

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