Books Natural Astaxanthin: King of the Carotenoids - 1 book

Books Natural Astaxanthin: King of the Carotenoids - 1 book

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By Bob Capelli with Gerald R. Cysewski, PhD. Paperback 142 pgs.

Scientific research as well as testimonial evidence indicate that Natural Astaxanthin may be the most promising nutritional supplement ever.

Ever hear of Astaxanthin? Probably not, but scientific research shows that this carotenoid is much more potent as an antioxidant and has many more specific benefits for human nutrition than beta carotene, lutein or lycopene. In fact, Natural Astaxanthin is the strongest natural antioxidant that science has found yet. But it seems that nowadays, many supplements and foods are claiming to be antioxidants, so why should Astaxanthin Matter to you? Because this wonderful nutrient can do many things to make you feel better and help you to live longer. As you read though this brief book, you will learn how Natural Astaxanthin can:

  • Help reduce aches and pains from arthritis, joint soreness, and tendonitis
  • Control deadly “silent inflammation,” a cause of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many other life-threatening diseases
  • Give energy, increase strength and improve endurance
  • Work as an “internal sunscreen” and improve the skin as an “internal beauty supplement”
  • Improve the body’s immune system
  • Protect the eyes and brain from damaging free radicals and oxidation
  • Support cardiovascular health and normal cholesterol levels

In this book, you'll find scientific evidence as well as personal testimonials from people around the world showing how Natural Astaxanthin can help with joint pain, inflammation, immunity, eye, and brain protection from free radicals, cardiovascular health and more, in a user-friendly, easy-to-read format.

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