Ancient Secrets Himalayan Natural Rock Heart Salt Lamps

Ancient Secrets Himalayan Natural Rock Heart Salt Lamps

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Square, 7 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

Salt tea light holders are natural salt and are therefore intended for indoor use, not outdoors. Keep them away from water. If your tea light holder accidently becomes wet on the outside or sweats, light the candle and let its warmth dry it out. You can also pat it with a dry cloth to help it dry out more quickly.

In home or office: They can be used anywhere in the home or office but fine special usefulness in bedrooms, living rooms and home offices and kitchens. Use in these areas help create a peaceful, relaxing environment which offsets the negative effects of the electronic devices we use all the time. Natural Health Practices: Whether you are a practioner trying to create a soothing environment for treating your clients or patients, or you are an individual seeking a healthy, natural and uplifting energy in you personal environment, these salt tea light holders are ideal for the negative ions they are said to emit when lit. Feng Shui: If you have particularly tough spaces to "cure" due to blocked energy in a room or area for your home or workspace, these visually appealing, warm, glowing and negative ion enhancing salt tea light holders are a perfect "feng shui cure" For meditation: Many people practice forms of meditation that require concentration on the flame of a candle. Currently people are finding that using a natural salt tea light holder for this purpose not only aids meditation but provides an uplifting charge to the energy of the meditation room, enhancing the overall benefits of the pratice.

It is always best to place the tea light holder on a protected surface since a tea light holder may sweat at various times.

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