Azure Husbandry Waltham's Butternut Squash Seed, Organic - 25 seeds

Azure Husbandry Waltham's Butternut Squash Seed, Organic - 25 seeds

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C. Moschata. 95-100 days

This squash is an heirloom variety that produces large yields of smooth, tan-skinned fruits about 8-11 inches long. The flesh is a deep orange color with a very small seed cavity on the bulb end. It hold its color well when cooked and has a sweet, nutty flavor. Very productive and reliable. Butternut is a typical variety of squash for soups or just as a side dish.

Note: this squash doesn’t produce a large quantity of seeds, so we have somewhat limited stock.

Packet CONTAINS: 25 seeds.

Approx. 100-110 days to maturity.

SOWING: Seed directly into the garden in late spring when all danger of frost has passed and weather has warmed or start indoors in individual peat pots 2 to 3 weeks before setting out. Plant seeds 1/2 to 3/4 inch deep covering with fine soil firmed down.

SPACING: Plant in a row with seeds spaced approx. 12-18" apart with rows spaced 2-3 ft. apart. In wet areas, plant in hills, 6-8 seeds/hill.

GERMINATION: 1 to 2 weeks depending upon weather. Keep soil moderately moist during germination.

THINNING AND TRANSPLANTING: Thin or transplant to 3 sturdiest plants per group when seedlings are 3 to 4 inches high.

HARVESTING: Harvest when leaves get hit by a frost. Cut off the vines, leaving part of the stem attached to the squash. Allow to cure in warm, dry place for two weeks. For long-term storage keep at 50-55 degrees in a dark, dry place.

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