Bear River Zeolite Zeolite, for Garden and Animal 14x40 Mesh, Molly Magic Bag  - 22 lbs

Bear River Zeolite Zeolite, for Garden and Animal 14x40 Mesh, Molly Magic Bag - 22 lbs

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Volcanic rock called zeolite is mined in southern Idaho from a huge deposit at the Bear River Zeolite Mine. It has the ability to hold up to 55% of its weight in water in channel ways. It also has the ability to hold nitrogen, potassium, and calcium in its crystal structure where they are plant accessible but not water-soluble. This creates a time-release mechanism to prevent pollution and the burning of the plant by nitrogen.

Soil Amendment:

25 lbs. covers 175 square feet of lawn or 105 lbs. of potting soil.

Helps hold nutrients in growth zone.

Can be surface broadcast or mixed in top 3-4 inches of soil.

Directions for Use:

LAWNS. For new lawns till in 10 to 15 pounds per 100 square feet in the top 3 to 4 inches of soil before seeding or laying sod. Water thoroughly. For existing lawns broadcast 10 to 15 pounds per 100 square feet.

FLOWER AND VEGETABLE GARDENS. Till 10 to 15 pounds per 100 square feet into the top 6 inches of soil before seeding, planting, or transplanting. Water thoroughly.

POTTING SOILS. Thoroughly mix 2 to 3 pounds with 10 pounds of potting soil and water thoroughly.

AGRICULTURAL FARMING. Till, side band, or broadcast 1 to 2.5 tons per acre and water thoroughly.

CAUTION: Water must be added shortly after application because the product will adsorb existing water out of the soil and create a dry condition that may kill the plant.

Several test plots, ideally 10 foot by 10 foot should be marked out with stakes, and different amounts of the product should be used to determine the ideal application rate. For 100 square feet (10’ x 10’), 4.6 pounds would represent 1 ton per acre, 9.2 pounds would be 2 tons per acre, etc. For certain high value crops and especially for sandy soils up to 10 tons of product are used per acre. In hydroponics application and specialized applications, as much as 90% of the product is mixed with 10% of the soil by volume.

Home Uses:

BRZ™ is used to deodorize, clean, de-moisturize, and absorb fluids in the following areas:

LIVING, DINING, AND BED ROOMS - to deodorize carpets, mattresses, and upholstery.

KITCHEN - to deodorize refrigerators and freezers, food storage areas, trash storage containers, and to absorb spills on the floors or other areas.

BATHROOMS, LAUNDRY ROOMS, PANTRIES AND CLOSETS - to deodorize clothes hampers, diaper pails, wastebaskets, medicine cabinets, chemical storage areas, closets, suitcases, and to clean up floor spills. It is used as a desiccant.

BASEMENTS - to deodorize and absorb moisture.

GARDENS, POTTING SOILS, LAWNS, SHRUBS, TREES, FLOWERS, or FRUITS - BRZ™ is an excellent soil amendment.

PET AREAS - to deodorize cat, dog, bird and other pet "spills." For litter boxes for pets.

FARM ANIMALS - to absorb moisture and deodorize horse stalls, pig pens, chicken coups, rabbit hutches, etc.

AIR CONDITIONING FILTERS - a breathable bag behind air filters will help deodorize.

GARAGES, DRIVEWAYS - for spill cleanup and deodorizing.

CARS, TRUCKS, BOATS, RV'S - for spill cleanup and deodorizing.

AQUARIUMS, FISHPONDS, STOCK TANKS - to remove algae and ammonium.

SEPTIC, SEWER, DRAIN FIELD - a BRZ™ cover will deodorize flooded areas.


For spill cleanups BRZ™ is generally sprinkled on the spill and swept up. For deodorizing, BRZ™ is sprinkled on the contaminated area and cleaned up. Alternatively, BRZ™ can be brought into contact with the area in a breathable bag of cloth or plastic.


BRZ™ has two methods of absorbing spills and odors. The first method is by "absorption." It will hold up to 55 percent of its weight in water in open pore spaces. The second method is by cation exchange. This is measured as "cation exchange capacity" or CEC. BRZ™ holds cations such as ammonium in its crystal structure where they are not water-soluble.


After use, BRZ™ can generally be applied to household lawns, compost piles, and gardens as a soil amendment

Compared to other zeolites, BRZ™ has a very high cation exchange capacity (CEC), which increases its ability to hold ammonium and other compounds that create odor.

BRZ™ is generally a more effective deodorant than perfumes that are used to mask odors.

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