Books The Whole Herb - 1 book

Books The Whole Herb - 1 book

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For Cooking, Crafts, Gardening, Health, and Other Joys of Life

By Barbara Pleasant. Paperback 252 pages.

Today, herbs continue to play an important part in our lives. Whether we use them for healing, in cooking, in crafts, or in a thousand and one other ways, our unique relationship with these valuable plants remains strong. The Whole Herbwas designed for everyone who wishes to learn more about herbs and to incorporate them in daily life. Here is a complete, practical, and easy-to-follow guide to the many uses of herbs.

The Whole Herb begins by looking at the fascinating history and benefits of herbs. Each of the following chapters then focuses on a different use of herbs, including herbs and health, herbs in the kitchen, herbs around the house, and herbs in the garden. These chapters provide clear guidelines that enable you to use herbs both safely and effectively. Finally, the last section of the book offers detailed profiles of over fifty commonly used and affordable herbs. Each entry presents information on the herb’s history, uses, and benefits, along with buying guides, growing instructions, methods of storage, and safety information. Included throughout the book are insets that highlight important facts and techniques, helping you to fully understand and enjoy the herbal experience.

From relaxing aromatherapy to refreshing herbal teas, from delicious sauces to cold prevention, from bug deterrents in your garden to potpourri on your counter, The Whole Herb has it all.

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