Energen Brewer's Yeast Flakes - 12 ozs.

Energen Brewer's Yeast Flakes - 12 ozs.

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Brewer's Yeast Flakes

This product is a pure strain of Saccharomyce cerevisiae yeast grown in solutions of pure beet and cane molasses under the most rigidly-controlled sanitary conditions, resulting in a uniform product of the best possible quality. It is an inactive and completely nonfermentable food yeast. Its golden color results from the deep yellow of natural riboflavin. This product disperses readily in liquids and has sincerely very mild, pleasing flavor lacking any harsh yeasty odor or taste. This yeast is not obtained as a byproduct of any other process or manufacture. It is "primary grown" for human consumption.

INGREDIENTS: Primary grown dried, edible Brewer’s Yeast (Sacharomyces cerevisiae) in flake form.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 3 Tbsp. (16 gms.)

Servings Per Container About 21

Nutrient Amount Per Serving %DV

Calories 47

Calories From Fat 7

Total Fat Less than 1 g 1

Saturated Fat 0 g 0

Cholesterol 0 g 0

Sodium 5 mg. 0

Total Carbohydrates 5 g .2

Dietary Fiber 4 g 16

Sugars 1 g

Protein 8 g

Vitamin A 0

Calcium 1

Vitamin C 0

Iron 3


Protein 50.0%

Moisture. 2.6%

Fat 1.2%

Total Liquids 5.2%

Carbohydrates 33.0%

Ash (mineral) 8.0%

Calories per gram 2.91%

  • Each serving of 3 tablespoons (16 grams) supplies the following potencies of naturally occurring minerals, protein, identifiable B vitamins and other factors for adults and children 4 and older.

B VITAMINS per 16 grams:

Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine HCl) 9.6 mg

Vitamin B-2 (Riboflavin) .9.6 mg

Niacin 56 mg

Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine HCl) .9.6 mg

Vitamin B-12 (Cobalamin Conc.) 8 mcg

Folic Acid 240 mcg

Pantothenic Acid 1 mg

Biotin 20.8 mcg

Inositol 76.8 mg

Choline 64 mg

PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid) 0.6 mg

NUCLEIC ACIDS per 16 grams:

7 - 8% or 1,120 - 1,280 mg (1.12 - 1.28 grams) as follows:

RNA (90%) 1,008 - 1,152 mg

DNA (10%) 112 - 128 mg

MINERALS per 16 grams:

8% or 1,280 mg (1.12 - 1.28 grams) as follows:

Potassium 320 mg

Phosphorus 174.4 mg

Sulphur 58.5 mg

Magnesium 20.8 mg

Sodium 4.73 mg

Calcium 10.56 mg

Zinc 3.15 mg

Iron 0.61 mg

Chromium 33.0 mcg

Selenium 2.24 mcg

Plus Copper and Manganese in trace amounts.

PROTEIN per 16 grams:

50% or 8,000 mg (8 grams) as follows:

Alanine 534 mg

Arginine. 377 mg

Aspartic Acid 800 mg

Cystine 79 mg

Glutamic Acid 1429 mg

Glycine 377 mg

*Histidine 189 mg

*Isoleunine 377 mg

*Leucine 582 mg

*Lysine 692 mg

*Methionine 126 mg

*Phenylalanine 346 mg

Proline 330 mg

Serine 424 mg

*Threonine. 424 mg

*Tryptophan 79 mg

Tyrosine 299 mg

*Valine 456 mg

*Essential amino acids for adults and children 4 and older. Histidine is believed to be essential under 4 years of age.

  • Directions: As a food supplement, stir or blend the desired amount of this product into your favorite fruit or vegetable juice. Add it to yogurt, milk kefir, buttermilk, soups, cereals, casseroles, gravies, sauces and nut berries for enriched flavor and nutritional value.
  • This product is a primary-grown brewer’s yeast containing all vitamins of the B Complex group including those that have not yet been completely characterized or duplicated by synthetic process.
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