Oregon's Wild Harvest Bromoflex - 90 veg caps

Oregon's Wild Harvest Bromoflex - 90 veg caps

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Joint and Connective Tissue Support. 600 mg in each Non-GMO Vegetarian Capsule.

This herbal combination was developed by Dr. Nick Friedman, D.C. and N.D. Sustaining knee injuries from soccer and a motorcycle accident, Dr. Friedman embarked on a personal quest to improve mobility with these old injuries. This led him to formulate a combination using bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, turmeric, vitamin C, and bioflavonoids.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 capsules

Servings per container: 30

Nutrient Amount %DV

Vitamin C (Corn-derived ascorbic acid, GMO free) 300 mg 500%

Bromelain (supplies 1200 G.D.U. total) 600 mg

Turmeric rhizome powdered extract (Curcuma longa)

standardized to 95% curcumins 600 mg

Citrus Bioflavonoid (25% flavonoids) 300 mg

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Non-GMO Vegetarian (Polysaccharide) Capsule, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Metabisulfite.

  • Suggested Use: As an herbal supplement, take three capsules twice daily without food.
  • Contraindications: Patients taking blood thinning agents should consult with a health care professional before taking turmeric. Individuals with bile duct obstruction or cholelithiasis, gastric or duodenal ulcers, or with gastric hyperacidity disorders should avoid turmeric. People with iron overload, history of kidney stones or kidney failure should consult their health care professional before taking Vitamin C. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if unusual symptoms occur. Do not exceed recommended dose unless under the guidance of a health care professional.
  • Allergen information: Avoid turmeric in patients allergic to turmeric, to yellow food colorings, or to members of the Zingiberaceae (ginger) family. Allergic reactions to bromelain may occur in individuals allergic to pineapples or other members of the Bromeliaceae family.
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