Celtic Sea Salt Salt, Seasoned, Celery  - 12 x 3.9 ozs.

Celtic Sea Salt Salt, Seasoned, Celery - 12 x 3.9 ozs.

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Celery salt is an old-fashioned, American classic salt with timeless appeal. Our Celery Salt is made from armloads of fresh, bright green, organic celery, grown especially for its leaves and seeds, and harvested at the peak of flavor intensity.

Try a sprinkle over fresh vegetables or add to soups and stews for a pleasant herbal flavor. Organic Seasoned Celery Celtic Sea Salt® imparts the flavor of field grown celery to every dish you make.

Ingredients: Celtic Sea Salt®, Certified Organic celery

We know you’ll agree the flavors in our new Seasoned Salts are distinctive and delicious. However, the romance behind the seasoned salt blends lies in the spirit of the artisans. The farming and preparation methods for each ingredient are truly authentic.

All herb ingredients are harvested on a family farm, located near the Pacific coast in northern California, and home to nearly 20 acres of certified organic, specialty crops. This region provides a warm weather, marine-influenced farm with highly mineralized clay-based soil.

Production practices include diverse cover crops, microbiological drenches, and aged nutritional mulches. As a result, the herb and vegetable crops have intense, distinctive flavors, colors, and fragrances.

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