Books Green Tea The Natural Secret - 1 book

Books Green Tea The Natural Secret - 1 book

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Green Tea, The Natural Secret

Nadine Taylor, MS, RD

179 pages, softbound.

Boosts your immune system. Prevents cancer and heart disease. Reduces body fat. Slows the aging process. Lowers blood pressure. Fights harmful bacteria and viruses. Helps the body regulate cholesterol levels.

A breakthrough in health. For years, doctors have suspected that green tea possesses remarking healing properties. The Japanese have been drinking it for centuries and their cancer rate is among the lowest in the world. Today, decades of study have shown that even moderate amounts of this “wonder substance” can prevent disease and actually lengthen live.

Fight back against disease. In this completely accessible and understandable guide, you’ll learn how green tea acts as a stronger antioxidant than vitamin C or E and inhibits blood clots as effectively as aspirin. You’ll also discover how its wonderful health-giving properties guard against cancer, protect against heart disease, slow the aging process and even help reduce your weight, safely and effectively.

Its easy and inexpensive. Green tea gives you everything you need to know to bring this extraordinary “miracle food” into your diet, from how it works in your body, to maximizing the health benefits of a cup of tea, to the real difference between green, black and herbal teas, and much more, including over a dozen delicious recipes for drinks and desserts.

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