Herbs America Lucuma Magic Smoothie Blend - 1 lb.

Herbs America Lucuma Magic Smoothie Blend - 1 lb.

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LUCUMA is a golden fruit with a taste of dried ice-cream.

Considered one of the "lost crops" of the Inca and 'forgotten' for years, Lucuma is now in demand by ice-cream companies all over South America where it's not only a popular flavor but a household name!

Get a kick that lasts all day! The Lucuma, acerola and Maca in this smoothie blend is a naturally sweet and creamy texture- perfect to amplify your next breakfast or for an afternoon pick-up!

Lucuma Magic is a smoothie blend fortified with a liberal dose of tropical cherry (acerola cherry fruit high in vitamin C), and an ample dose of real Maca Magic whole-root that provides energy and helps balance the endocrine system. Ingredients:Lucuma, Maca Magic, and Acerola Berry.

Suggested directions for use:Blend one tablespoon of Smoothie Mix with 16 ounces of juice or milk for a smoothie. Add fruit and ice to thicken.

**This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. *This product and labeling are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health imbalance. Nursing or pregnant women should consult their health care practitioner.

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