TriBest Personal Blender - PB150 - 1 unit

TriBest Personal Blender - PB150 - 1 unit

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Personal Blender - PB100

The Personal Blender from Tribest Corp., a leading designer of high-quality small appliances for healthy lifestyles, is an amazing, all-in-one, durable, and ultra-powerful blender that allows you to make blended smoothies, protein drinks and other scrumptious delights without the hassle of having to stop and clean a bulky blending container every time you switch recipes. Just add your ingredients in one of the Personal Blender's dishwasher-safe, single-serving cups, screw on the stainless steel blade attachment, turn it over, and set it into the base. To blend, gently press down on the top of the cup for a quick blend or press and twist to blend continuously. Simply remove the single-serving cup from the base, turn it over, unscrew the blade attachment, and serve. The whole blending process takes less than a minute.

"The best part is that you drink right out of the single-serving cup, so there's no mess to clean up and no cumbersome pitcher to wash," said Tribest Corp. President Jae Choi. "What's more, the Personal Blender comes with two single-serving cups, so you can enjoy a nutritious and delicious smoothie or protein drink just the way you want it, while making a different recipe for a friend or family member in their own cup without the extra cleaning step in between. Once you've finished your blended drink, all you have to clean is the blending cup and the blade attachment." For added convenience, each cup comes with its own lid for easy storage or for on-the-go transporting.

The Personal Blender does everything a bigger blender can do, only faster and without the added mess and cleanup. In addition to blending just about any variety of fruit or vegetable, the high-powered, 200-watt motor easily blends ice and frozen fruits. It's also perfect for making sauces, salsa, sorbets, soups, and baby food.

Designed for maximum convenience, The Personal Blender's less-than-5"-diameter base offers a significant space-saving advantage. And its lightweight, elegant profile lets you move it around the kitchen with ease, or grip and lift it like a martini shaker for extra ingredient agitation. And unlike the big, heavy containers of ordinary blenders, the Personal Blender's single-serving cups fit easily and conveniently in the refrigerator and are made of virtually unbreakable, stain- and odor-resistant polycarbonate, the same material used for making bullet-proof windows and barriers.

Tribest's commitment to safety is clearly illustrated by the Personal Blender's serving cup that, unlike traditional blenders, completely encloses the blending and grinding blades. In addition, the blades will not spin unless the cup is locked into its base, providing added protection from injury and other common kitchen accidents.

  • Can the blender process flaxseeds into flax meal?
    The smaller, wider based blender container is perfect for grinding flax and other small seeds. Put the seeds dry into the smaller container, using the blade that fits this blender container, and pulse or leave the blender on continuous blending for the consistency you desire. Flax, sunflower, pumpkin, and sesame seeds can easily be blended into a 'meal' or finely powdered consistency.
  • Can the Tribest Personal Blender™ grind nuts?
    Yes, you can grind nuts into A NUT 'MEAL' or a Finely powdered nut. For this kind of consistency, make sure the nuts are totally dry before putting into the blender. Please note, the blender is not built to make nut butters. It will easily make pates and sauces with nuts.
  • What is the maximum amount of liquid and food to put into the blender container?
    The blender volume will hold 1 and 1/2 cups of liquid and solids. To avoid overflowing, stay at or under these amounts. The ratio of 1 cup of liquids and 1/2 cup of solids is recommended, or 1 cup of solids with 1/2 cup of liquids can also be blended safely.
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