Pure Planet Spirulina, Carob Mint - 8 oz. Powder

Pure Planet Spirulina, Carob Mint - 8 oz. Powder

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Delicious Instant Energy.

Power Carob-Mint Spirulina tastes delicious and refreshing. It is natural, highly nutritious and safe to take even in megadoses provides the energy boost for people on the go and is an excellent source of natural whole-food nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.

For the physically active – both regular and occasional athletes – Power Carob-Mint Spirulina can make exercise even healthier. It provides easily absorbable nutrition that is needed for sustained physical activity. Furthermore, researchers claim the antioxidants vitamins C and E strengthen your resistance to injury and promote muscle recovery and regeneration.

Power Carob-Mint Spirulina is the natural choice over energy bars and synthetic supplements. Now you can indulge your sweet tooth without inviting tooth decay – and get complete nutrition at the same time!

Spirulina is a natural, whole food, so you can take it either with meals or on an empty stomach. The minimum dosage recommended is 6 tablets or 1 tsp powder per day. The powder can be mixed with juice or added to smoothies (see Recipe section).

Some people take as many as 20-40 tablets (2-4 Tbsp powder) per day. It is important to remember that spirulina provides high powered nutrition in a whole food form; it is not synthetic supplementation. We tend to think in terms of taking a certain number of pills per day. This is a fractured approach to nutrition.

Spirulina is offered in tablet form for convenience, but it is a natural whole food.

Spirulina, nature’s richest whole food source of all the essential nutrients, is the main ingredient in Power Carob-Mint Spirulina. Pure Planet Spirulina contains all the nutrients your body needs. The nutrients are highly absorbable because they're contained in bubble-thin cell walls that dissolve upon contact with moisture, which makes spirulina a natural energy food. With spirulina, you get instant energy on demand and the complete nutrition your body needs. For the athlete who burns up energy faster and is more susceptible to tissue injury through physical stress, the nutritional power of spirulina is fortified with Ester-C® and Glycine, both well-known for their beneficial effects on the human body.

Power Carob-Mint Spirulinais the ultimate energizer for the physically active, and these are the reasons:

Spirulina Spirulina Pacifica is a super strain of Spirulina. The spirulina is grown in a controlled environment and then processed with low-temperature dehydration technology to preserve all the nutrition and freshness. Only the water is removed and nothing is added. Our spirulina powder is the purest, highest quality available today. It is simply the best natural nutrition possible!

Ester-C® Patented Ester-C® is a complex of vitamin C, essential minerals and vitamin C metabolites that is Body-Ready® and non-acidic. Ester-C® is a readily absorbed and patented form of vitamin C. It helps meet the extra demand for vitamin C that your body might require.

Glycine Glycine is a simple amino acid that is needed for synthesizing nonessential amino acids. It is required for the central nervous system function and contributes to improved blood circulation, the pituitary function, and a healthy prostate. Glycine helps retard muscle degeneration by supplying additional creatine, which is normally formed in the muscle and is essential for muscle function. It also releases energy for muscle function, stabilizes blood sugar, and mobilizes fat.

Carob With a flavor similar to chocolate, carob is a nutritionally superior alternative. Unlike chocolate, carob is low in fat and calories and contains no acids, caffeine or other stimulants. It is naturally sweet; it is an excellent source of protein, carbohydrate, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, pectin, and vitamins A, B-1(thiamin) and B-3 (niacin); and it is non-addictive and virtually non-allergenic.

Mint Flavor: The refreshing mint flavor will leave your breath cool and fresh...

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