Seventh Generation Free & Clear High Efficiency Liquids 2X Concetrates 150 fl. oz. (99 Loads)

Seventh Generation Free & Clear High Efficiency Liquids 2X Concetrates 150 fl. oz. (99 Loads)

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Plant-derived cleaning agents, water softener, non-animal derived enzymes. Not tested on animals, No animal ingredients. This product is formulated to be safe for your family and the environment. Our unique ingredient combination is a non-toxic non-irritating, hypoallergenic, biodegradable alternative to conventional petroleum-based detergents.Safe for septic & greywater systems

Sort-Follow garment care instructions. Pretreat-Pour directly on stained fabric, rub gently and soak before washing. Measure-Standard machine: For medium loads fill to line 1 in cap. For hard water, heavily soiled or larger loads fill to line 2 in cap. Softened water may require less detergent. HE machines: Use 1/3 less detergent than for standard machines. Pour- Begin to fill machine with water. add detergent, then add clothes. Place bottle on side with valve down. Loosen top cap for quicker flow. Press button to dispense.

This product is formulated to work well in cold water. Save energy. Wash in cold.

Please keep all cleaning products out of the reach of children. Seventh Generation products, although not intended for consumption, aren't poisonous. If swallowed: Drink plenty of water and consult a physician. Eye contact: If this product comes in contact with eyes, flush out with water.

Aqua (water), sodium laureth sulfate, coconut alcohol ethoxylate & glycerin (plant-derived cleaning agents), sodium citrate (water softener), oleic acid & glyceryl oleate (plant-derived anti-foaming agents), sodium hydroxide (alkalinity builder), sodium borate (alkalinity builder and soil dispersant), amylase, cellulase & protease (enzyme soil removers), calcium chloride (cleaning enhancer), hexahydro-1,3,5-tris (2-hydroxyethyl)-s-triazine (preservative) Trace materials are commonly present in cleaning product ingredients

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